Melissa S. Highwood, Il.
5.0 star rating 3/29/2015
Two Ladies Estate sales are excellent! Having a sale inside someone’s house is never an easy thing to do but they manage to pull it off with finesse. Their advertising is spot on, I always know when a sale is coming up. You can count on things being priced fairly and you know they are doing all they can to make the family of the estate make a few bucks, clean out a home while giving shoppers a good deal. Picked up few great leopard print hats from the 1970’s, great vintage. I would absolutely trust these Two Ladies to run a sale for my family and recommend shopping their sales any time you can. Cash is always king at estate sales but they will take credit cards over a certain amount.

Jay L. Naples, Fl.
5.0 star rating 5/27/2015
Two Ladies did an outstanding job for us in our recent estate sale. They worked extremely hard for us in getting our house ready for the sale. Their pricing was fair and we had tons of people come through the house. They put together bundles towards the end which moved stuff that we would have had to pay to remove. In addition,Judy is helping us sell a painting through a downtown gallery. I recommend them highly.

David K. Yorkville, Il
5.0 star rating 9/10/2013
We want to thank Two Ladies Estate Sales for the absolutely wonderful work they did on our behalf last weekend at our estate sale.
Their team worked with us for weeks before our sale, staged our home prior to the sale and brought more people to the sale than either my sister or I imagined. We sold about 90% of everything that was for sale. WOW, that was far above our expectations.
We were totally impressed with their tireless enthusiasm, their work ethic, their organization, and how smoothly everything went. We were especially impressed with their people skills. Everyone wants a deal, I get that, and yet the few people that came in bullying and wanting everything for nothing and then getting mouthy, they too were treated professionally and with respect, even though I would have asked them to leave (or thrown them out).
This was an emotional journey going through several generations of stuff, and then finding a way to sell it. The Two Ladies Estate Sale team made this a painless, enjoyable and profitable (again beyond our expectations) weekend. Their expertise is so greatly admired and appreciated.

Debbie K.
2013 What a great job these two ladies did with our estate sale last weekend! It was in our grandparent’s house, and let’s say the last time anyone threw anything out was 1959. They spent HOURS staging everything, looking up prices, and had many people working with them on the sale days. We couldn’t be happier, and besides that they are very nice and lots of fun! I highly recommend them. (They got us lots of $$$ too!)

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