Considering an Estate Sale?

Contact us and we will arrange a convenient time to sit down and meet with you.
We carefully consider your goals, what you’ve decided to sell and the market for your items. We assess the layout of your property and amount of merchandise being sold to determine the best way to showcase the estate. After meeting with you, we formulate a sale plan that will most effectively accomplish your goals.
We know how difficult it can be to sort out the entire contents of a home often accumulated over the course of a lifetime. It can be even more daunting to decide what to do with everything else after the family has removed items of sentimental value. Often times the least stressful alternative is to call in an estate sale team. We are here to help during such times.

When you’re ready for our assistance, we will begin photographing your merchandise in preparation for advertising your sale. Photos & descriptions will be posted on our website & on, a nation-wide estate sale listing website with over 34,000 email subscribers. We list your sale on local sites, such as, ChicagoMag, Facebook, craigslist, and
Additionally, we personally contact our extensive list of dealers & collectors to acquire the greatest number of potential buyers for your sale.
On the days of the sale, professional signage is posted at nearby intersections as local ordinances allow.

Approximately 2 weeks before the sale, we will begin emptying cabinets, and sorting and staging your sale items. Nearly EVERYTHING in a home can bring in revenue at your estate sale, from small kitchen items and cleaning products, to linens, clothing, and cosmetics, to larger pieces of furniture. Please do not throw anything away until we’ve had our consultation. We have expertise in selling all types of art and collectibles, vintage and newer household items, as well as automobiles and small watercraft.
We will research your valuable items to come up with the best sale prices possible. With over 15 years of experience, the latest online resources, and our network of specialists, we assure you fair market values of all antique, collectible and higher priced items you may have.
We may suggest selling some merchandise ahead of time online or through local brokers to help your sale reach its fullest potential.

After all is staged and priced, we are ready for business.
We like to start out with a little ‘Frank Sinatra’ during the sale, which tends to make our customers happy!
Our experienced staff will be present during the sale to accommodate customers. You are welcome to join us during the sale, but it may be less stressful to just let our team do all the work.

There are no upfront costs. Our commission is 30% of the gross sales with a $2000 minimum commission. Our fees include preparation of your goods, organizing, staging, researching, pricing, advertising, and staffing the sale.
We provide you with the proceeds and receipts from the sale, and the house keys, less our commission, no later than 10 business days after the conclusion of the sale.
After the sale, you may keep any of the unsold items, consign them for sale on eBay through us or donate them to charity.